Our Treatments & Price


In addition to an interview about your general health condition, we will do a thorough assessment at your every visit

Posture Analysis

Most of the discomforts and pains come from unbalanced body postures, and this can be diagnosed by a posture analysis.

Pulse Diagnostics

Your pulse contains important information such as the energy balance of the various organs in the body.


A person’s mental state, facial color, physical dynamics and tongue condition etc. can reflect the person’s health.

Our Treatments

In TCM Clinic, you always get customized treatments that work effectively against your problems 


Tui Na


Gua Sha

Acupuncture is an ancient treatment to balance Qi (vital energy) and Blood in the body

Tui Na can addresse specific patterns of disharmony in the body and improve the overall Qi

Cupping helps to improve the flow of Qi and Blood through creating suction on skin surface

Gua Sha is a healing technique that releases unhealthy bodily matter in the applied area



750kr+25%MVA=940 kr

1 hour per session


Follow-up assessment

10-Treatments package

5600+25%MVA=7000 kr

1 hour per session​

10 treatments

560 kr +MVA per session